Ice Storm 2008

Dawn and I live in Conway, a small hill town in Western Massachusetts. Conway has under 2000 residents and is mostly rural with large tracts of forest. Our yard abuts trails to the Conway State Forest. For information on birds and animals around our home see the tracking page. We had a great deal of snow in the Winter .

We built our house in the summer of 1997. Our friend Chris is a contractor and we worked for him. Harry and John did the rough framing and sheathing. Chris did the administration and worked with the subcontractors and Dawn did most of the painting.

There are two slide shows of our house - inside and outside. Here is a picture of the outside of our house taken in the summer. A new photo shows a fall view to the southeast taken from the deck. I have just completed the finishing of the so-called bonus room. A picture of that is shown last.