Animal Sightings

Winter 2008

Spring 2005


  • Deer - Nash Hill Road
  • Scarlet Tanager - heard in woods
  • Wild Turkeys
  • Grouse - near house and in woods
  • Coyotes - heard
  • Barred owl
  • Porcupines - along road
  • Canada Geese (2) with young - Beaver Pond along Whately Road (seem to have disappeared)
  • Evening Grosbeaks (on deck)
  • Woodpecker nest and babies (tree in yard)

Fall/Winter 2003


  • Bald eagle (Whately Road) - first ever bald eagle seen in the wild in Conway by me
  • Red Fox (Whately Road)
  • Coyote (one in yard, one on Cricket Hill Road) - I got to observe the coyote on Cricket Hill Road for about ten minutes as it passed through a large wetland area
  • Wild Turkeys (Cricket Hill Road)
  • Black Bear (back way to Northampton)
  • Barred owls (woods)
  • Red Tailed Hawk (start of driveway)

Animals Seen Around House and in Local Woods

Species Frequency (House) Frequency (In Woods)
Beaver Never Frequent
Black Bear Frequent Occasional
Bobcat Never Never
Chipmunk Frequent Frequent
Eastern Coyote Occasional Occasional
Ermine Never Occasional
Fisher Never Never (Saw once locally)
Gray Squirrel Frequent Frequent
Long Tailed Weasel Never Occasional
Mink Never Occasional
Moose Never Occasional
Pine Marten Never Once (Yosemite)
Porcupine Never Frequent
Raccoon Frequent Frequent
Red Fox Occasional Occasional
Red Squirrel Frequent Frequent
River Otter Never (Tracks nearby) Occasional
White Tailed Deer Once Frequent