I purchased some GRIP 4x4 tire chains last year to use for occasional plowing of our little private road and 4 driveways. Whenever the chains fail, I lose about $500 in income and also have to pay $200 for our share of the plowing, so I lose $700 every time the chains fail. Last year,all 4 rubber tensioners failed. I believe the vendor first sent me some replacements that were the same size. Later that year, I believe he sent a newer part, which was made of much thicker rubber. These have been much sturdier but are difficult to get through the metal tensioners. When the rubber tensioners broke, the chains would sometimes fall off and get run over, which damaged some of the other pieces, specifically the green links (there is one on each chain), and the metal chain tensioner piece.


The newer rubber parts are working better so far, though I am starting to see wear on those. I asked the vendor to send me some backups, which I believe he ordered and are on the way to his shop. This year, after only a few storms, I am starting to see all the green links fail. Specifically, the blue chain end (closest to the yellow loop) is falling out of the green link. It is very difficult to get back in so I attached the blue chain to a nearby link using a spare link the vendor had sent last year on one chain. Now 2 more (3 of 4) have failed and I don't have any more spare links.


It is not clear to me why all these failures are occurring. I am plowing only occasionally. It was never clear that I received the correct chain size as I have always had to do a lot of extra wrapping around the inner blue chain to get the rubber tensioners to work correctly. I did provide the correct tire model to the vendor. I eventually cut some yellow chain off to reduce the length of the yellow chain.

I am asking that RUD immediately send more rubber tensioners, metal adjusters, green links, and spare links so I can get by in the immediate future. I am also asking the RUD either replace the chains, repair, or provide a better model at your expense. If the replacement model is more expensive, I would consider paying the difference in price and returning the GRIP 4x4 chains though previous failures have cost me $1400 in lost revenues and much frustration and cold hands.